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Depending on the access numbers you choose, your location, and your calling plan, you may incur long distance or toll charges in excess of your local service charges on your telephone bill. To find out whether or not you will incur any charges, and if so, the amounts of such charges, please contact your local telephone company. You will be responsible for all such charges incurred. The maximum data speed available to you may vary based on line quality, your modem equipment, and other factors beyond the control of NetRover.

NetRover reserves the right to terminate idle connections and to limit the length of individual calls.

Unless indicated otherwise, all prices shown are in Canadian dollars.

Propel® Accelerator decreases the download time for certain web page text and graphics when compared to standard dial-up Internet service. Actual results may vary. Some web pages such as secure or encrypted web pages will not be accelerated. Propel® Accelerator is not a broadband service and actual data transmission rates are not faster than standard dial-up Internet service. Transmission of files including, without limitation, streaming audio or video, digital photographs, MP3 or other music files, executable files and other downloads, is not faster using Propel® Accelerator than with standard dial-up service. Propel® Accelerator may not be compatible with proxy based software or services such as content filters or firewalls. Propel® Accelerator may not be compatible with proxy based software of services such as content filters or firewalls. Propel® Accelerator is only compatilbe with Microsoft® Windows®.

Propel® Accelerator users are allocated up to 5 Email POP accounts. Propel® Accelerator users are also allocated (upon demand) a 25 MB personal Web space on server hosting multiple shared Web services. NetRover reserves the right to limit the bandwidth consumed by personal Web spaces, which may not be used to host a business Website, illegal or pornographic materials.

A $5 discount is applied to the first month only of any new Propel® Accelerator registration..

Please see NetRover's comprehensive Terms & Conditions for complete offer terms.

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